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Spelling list: Unstressed Vowels

Words that have an unstressed vowel which you can t hear unless you say the word differently.

different In Britain, some spellings are different from the USA.
library This library was well conceived.
general A General is an important army officer.
parliament She's standing for election to Parliament.
poisonous Not all snake bites are poisonous.
Centre British English spelling They found themselves in the centre of a storm.
desperate I'm desperate for a long cold drink.
difference Subtract is to take away one number from another; other words include minus or find the difference. *
desperate I'm desperate for a long cold drink.
frightening It was frightening to hear the storm blowing outside. *
separate Can you separate those fighting dogs?
generally It is generally accepted that regular exercise is good for you. *
generous Thank you for your generous donation.
interesting You will see a range of interesting artefacts in a museum. *
library This library was well conceived.
miserable The miserable weather did not stop them enjoying themselves. *
familiar There were familiar faces in the audience. *
jewellery British English spelling The king wore a lot of jewellery.
dictionary Find the meaning of words in the dictionary.
marvellous British English spelling The museum was marvellous. *

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