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Spelling list: Nouns ending in us

When you hear the /us/ sound at the end of a noun, the spelling is us.

Learn about these words in unit 29. Word ending: -ous

Log in for sound circus I object to animals performing in a circus.
Log in for sound crocus The nicest flower to appear in spring is the crocus.
Log in for sound focus It was difficult to focus on the moving car. *
Log in for sound discus She threw the discus at the athletics event.
Log in for sound fungus A mushroom is a type of fungus.
Log in for sound surplus All the surplus stock was given to charity.
Log in for sound bonus The free meal at the event was a bonus.
Log in for sound chorus I've been chosen to sing in the chorus.
Log in for sound virus On holiday he caught a virus.
Log in for sound status The status bar shows what documents you are working on.
Log in for sound genius Einstein was a genius. *
Log in for sound prospectus We have asked for the college prospectus.
Log in for sound stimulus Babies enjoy the stimulus of colourful toys.
Log in for sound terminus The rail terminus is the final station on the line.
Log in for sound thesaurus Use a thesaurus to widen your vocabulary.
Log in for sound apparatus Do you have the correct apparatus for this experiment?
Log in for sound asparagus James doesn't eat asparagus.
Log in for sound brontosaurus The brontosaurus was common in North America.
Log in for sound hippopotamus Hippo is short for hippopotamus.

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