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Spelling list: The long /oo/ sound

The letters oo are used to spell two slightly different sounds. These words have the long oo sound as in boot .

Learn about these words in unit 13. Spelling choices for /oo/ sound: oo, ou

food Fish is a healthy food.
mood I could see from his smile that he was in a good mood.
roof The roof was made of lead.
proof I have proof that Kim took the money.
cool Soothe the pain with some cool cream.
tool Please pass me my tool box.
boom The big drum made a loud boom.
gloom It was a misty day so the town was in gloom.
spoon Mix the soup with a wooden spoon.
soon She will arrive soon.
scoop Use a scoop to serve the ice cream.
hoot The owl called with a hoot.
moor They had a lovely walk on the moor.
poor My spelling is poor but getting better.

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