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Spelling list: oo u-e ew ue oe

too You are too young to see that film.
school I left school when I was seventeen.
soon She will arrive soon.
flute Play me a tune on your flute.
cute That pretty little kitten is so cute.
tooth My tooth hurt when the dentist poked it.
root Make sure the root has plenty of water.
blew The wind blew gently over the beach.
New My new boots are too tight.
knew The police knew he was lying.
threw They threw a lifebelt to the drowning man.
view What is you view on youth crime?
few Only a few friends are coming to the party.
blue The sea and sky were both deep blue.
rescue There was great relief at the rescue.
continue We need to assess this situation before we continue.
statue The Statue of Liberty is in New York, America. *
argue Why do you always argue with me?
shoe There's a hole in the sole of my shoe.

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