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Spelling list: ay, a-e, ai, eigh, a

Grapheme sounds for LS students

away Good hygiene keeps germs away.
Monday He was seen at mass on Monday. *
holiday I have some holiday pay due to me.
birthday Choose a suitable card for Meg's birthday.
made The earthquake made the ground shake.
take How long will it take to get an assessor for this job?
came The tide came up much higher yesterday.
brave 'Bolder' means 'more brave'.
Cage We keep our rabbit in a cage.
Ate We ate far too much last night.
escape He tried to escape from the cell.
mistake Was that a deliberate mistake?
chocolate I love chocolate mousse.
wait Please wait while I make a call.
paid I paid for the room by cheque.
fail You never fail to amaze me!
complain 'm going to complain about that awful smell.
weight To win the cake you must guess its weight.
Eight I get to work at eight o'clock.
table The table was full of delicious food.

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