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Spelling list: mixed words

Log in for sound perform Drama is a play written for actors to perform. *
Log in for sound involved There was a lot of preparation involved in winning the U.S. Open. *
Log in for sound building Let's explore that old building.
Log in for sound qualified The scientist was well qualified for the job. *
Log in for sound disguised The thief was well disguised. *
Log in for sound ensure In the US, during the prohibition era 1920 -1933, the sale, manufacture and transport of alocohol was prohibited, to ensure that Americans could not consume alcohol. *
Log in for sound smoothly The car's new engine ran very smoothly. *
Log in for sound thoroughly The borough council studied the idea very thoroughly.
Log in for sound planned The wedding was planned down to the last detail.
Log in for sound important A General is an important army officer.
Log in for sound knowledge Try not to baffle him with your knowledge.
Log in for sound realistic The special effects in the film were very realistic. *
Log in for sound participate She didn't want to participate in the PE lesson. *
Log in for sound tumble Suddenly the old lady took a tumble and fell. *
Log in for sound challenging Avant-garde is any art style which is challenging and not popular. *
Log in for sound escaping Prisoners were known for escaping across the moors. *
Log in for sound special A birthday is a special day.
Log in for sound effortless The dancing was amazing, it looked effortless. *
Log in for sound together The nuns live together in a convent.
Log in for sound rehearsed We rehearsed every Saturday ready for the Christmas concert. *

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