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Log in for sound pilot When the pilot ejected his parachute opened.
Log in for sound diner Jack stopped at the diner for a meal.
Log in for sound tiger The tiger was fierce.
Log in for sound favor
Log in for sound lemon I grated some lemon rind to mix in the cake.
Log in for sound planet
Log in for sound model I'll use this glue to fix my model.
Log in for sound shady We stood in a shady spot because it was so hot. *
Log in for sound robot The Robot lacked good speech synthesis. *
Log in for sound tiny Scientists believe that everything is made of tiny particles. *
Log in for sound label Some people like to label their clothes.
Log in for sound cozy American English spelling
Log in for sound silent Charlie Chaplin belonged to a generation of silent film actors. *
Log in for sound spider Many people have a phobia or fear of spiders.
Log in for sound frozen

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