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ay sound

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Hold tight on to the reins.
The country prospered under the King's reign.
The bride wore a long white veil.
The vein was visible on his forehead.
Beige is a light brown colour. *
Reindeer have a pair of antlers. *
We often use the word weight when we are talking about mass and how heavy something is, but weight is affected by gravity. *
The kids enjoyed the sleigh ride.
The tallest man was over eight feet in height.
neighbour British English spelling
I was thankful to my helpful and kindly neighbour. *
Make a deceptive or distracting movement, especially during a fight. *
To do something that one considers to be beneath one´s dignity. *
I will feign illness to avoid going to work.
´Heinous´ means utterly odious; wicked. *
Reiki is an alternative medicine, also known as ´energy healing´. *
The suspect was under surveillance by the police. *
The kitten found the skein of wool very interesting so played with it for quite a while. *
The freight was loaded onto the ship.
Being in space creates weightlessness. *

This public word list was created by a Spellzone user: St. Philip Howard Catholic Primary School within the folder Year 6 Spelling Lists

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