Unit 13H: Homophones for Unit 13, the oo sound

Homophones - the oo soundSpelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

To review the spellings before the test, got to Unit 13 page 11.

Test 2.
There is one mistake in each sentence.
Spot the mistake and type the CORRECT word in the box.

Spot the mistake

Type the correct word

I through away my old blue jeans.
Is the hole deep enough for the routes?
The water park has several shoots.
He makes a noise when he choose.
A loot is an old stringed instrument.
Do you think she wood come out with me?
Whip the cream to go in the moose.
This bag is much to heavy for me.
How many cruise finished the boat race?
I had to shoe a cat out of my yard.
Luke is ill in bed with flew.
We are off on too weeks holiday.


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Unit 13H Homophones: the oo sound

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