Adding Suffixes to Longer Words

Teaching point - learning to spell Two more things to think about:

1) Sometimes the suffix changes the meaning of a word so that the stress falls on a different syllable. In these words the stressed syllable is in colour. See how it affects the doubling of the last letter:

English spelling
prefer: I would prefer to stay in tonight.
preferred: She preferred the pink dress to the blue one.
preference: He has a preference for classical music.
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

In preferred, the stress is on the second syllable - preferred -
so we must double the r.

In preference, the stress is on the first syllable - preference -
so we do not double the r.

2) Long vowel sounds and those spelled with two letters do not need protection:

English spelling
remain + ing = remaining avoid + ance = avoidance
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

Now try these. Remember the rule:
Double the consonant if
a) the syllable just before the suffix is the stressed syllable and
b) you do not already have enough consonants to protect the vowel sound.

Add the suffix to the root word

Type the answer

omit + ed
equip + ment
confer + ing
confer + ence
forbid + en
forget + ful
contain + er
benefit + ing
commit + ed
focus + ing
develop + ed
transmit + er


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Unit 34: Adding suffixes to longer words

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