Endings cial, tial, cious, tious

Read the clue and choose the right word from the box.
Decide whether the ending is cial or tial.
Type the whole word.

spelling practice words
pala____ influen____ cru____ sequen____
so____ benefi____ confiden____ commer____
judi____ ini____ superfi____ fa____
spelling practice words
spelling practice words spelling practice words

Test 1.

Read the clue

Type the answer

Concerned with trade or business.
Having control or authority.
At the beginning.
Describing a large, splendid building.
On the surface only.
Private, to be kept secret.
Done by a court of law.
Useful, advantageous.
On the face; beauty treatment.
Mixing together in groups.
Following on in order.
Decisive, very important.


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Unit 30: Spelling the endings -cial -tial -cious -tious

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