Spelling the schwa ending: er, ar, or, our, re, a

Read the clue and choose the right word from the box.
Decide which vowel you need to spell the schwa sound.
Type the whole word.

English spelling
surg_ry tempor_ry mandat_ry imagin_ry
treach_ry sanctu_ry diction_ry laborat_ry
satisfact_ry cemet_ry extraordin_ry mem_ry
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

Read the clue

Type the answer

Find the meaning of words in this.
Opposite of permanent.
Medical operation.
Another word for compulsory.
Very unusual.
Where scientists might work.
Bury the dead here.
Not real, all in the mind.
Store of things remembered.
A place of safety.
All right, good enough.


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Unit 25: Spelling the schwa ending: er ar or our re a
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