Spelling ie and ei words

Try this final check of ie and ei words. It contains not just words which follow this rule....

Spelling rule, i before e except after c

.... but also some rule-breakers.

Choose from ie or ei.

Work out which letters are missing then type the whole word.

Please may I have a p__ce of cake?
The kids enjoyed the sl__gh ride.
Good hyg__ne keeps germs away.
Job vacanc__s are listed in the paper.
N__ther Jim nor Jack is fit to play.
A balanced diet should contain prot__n
The c__ling is very low in this old house.
We were dec__ved by his smooth talk.
Many people do not have suffic__nt food.
What is your v__w on youth crime?
The fr__ght was loaded onto the ship.
The win was a great ach__vement.


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Unit 21: Spelling the ie and ei words 'i before e except after c'
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