Spelling ie and ei words

Some words have ei even though there is no letter c. In Unit 7 (Long vowels) you saw that ei was one of the ways of spelling the long vowel sound /ā/:

ei as in reindeer Spelling rule, i before e except after c

The most common words with ei saying /ā/ are in the box.
Several of them have a silent g or gh. For more on words with silent letters, please see Unit 22.

English spelling
vein* rein* reign* deign* feign neigh

eight* weigh* weight* freight neighbour (US neighbor)

veil* feint* beige sheikh (or sheik)* sleigh
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

Read the clue and choose the best ei word from the box above:

Read the clue

Type the answer

Blood runs through it.
Noise made by a horse.
Use this to control a horse.
Eighty-eight minus eighty.
It covers the face.
Pale brown colour.
Goods transported, cargo.
Rule as king or queen.
Find out how heavy.
To pretend.
He or she lives nearby.


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Unit 21: Spelling the ie and ei words 'i before e except after c'
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