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It is well known that English spelling is very hard. Are you one of the many people who had problems with spelling at school? If so, Spellzone could help you improve your spelling.

There are many computer programs to help children with spelling but most of them are not suitable for adults. Spellzone came about because the author was teaching adult learners who had spelling problems and couldn't find any computer programs that were not childish - so she wrote Spellzone.

Some features of this English spelling course:

  • Spellzone doesn't just test you to see which words you already know - it actually teaches you - not just by giving you lists of words, but by teaching you how to learn them.
  • Where a spelling rule exists, Spellzone teaches it. Where there are no rules to help, there are tips on how to remember tricky words - especially those words a computer spell-checker can't spot: the words that sound the same but have different spellings for different meanings, for example:
    Homophones and English spelling rules dew / due    brake / break     stationery / stationary

    led - shown the way
    lead - a heavy soft metal

    The tour guide led us up the hill.
    The roof is made of lead.

    lead has the letter a - so does metal
  • You can use Spellzone on any internet connected computer, in a learning centre or in your own home - and also on a mobile device.
  • YOU, the user, have full control over your path through the program; you work at your own pace.
  • You choose whether to start from scratch or whether to skip the basic work and go straight to the more advanced levels.
  • Your work is checked instantly and your results are stored online. You can choose whether to go back and repeat any topic or go on to the next level.
  • Perhaps you have special words you need to use often in your job? You can upload these word lists to Spellzone and use our games to practice them.

One of the main causes of spelling problems is dyslexia. This is thought to affect 1 in ten people but it is often not picked up during school years. Many very clever people have spelling problems. For more information, click here.

If English is not your first language, Spellzone can help you in many ways. For more information, click here.

Free spelling course units

There are six free spelling units which are free to all users:

Entry to the rest of the spelling course is by subscription, at a very low cost

Further information:

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British v. American spelling

Notes for teachers and tutors

About the author

To find out how to get our full course, click here

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