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Idioms about Birds: Part 1

  1. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – it is better to be content with what you have than to risk losing it in the attempt to seek more
  2. a little bird(y) told me – told by a secret informant
  3. albatross around your neck – something that makes you feel guilty or frustrated, something that prevents success
  4. as bald as a coot – completely bald
  5. as crazy as a loon – crazy
  6. as dead as a dodo – totally dead, extinct
  7. as free as a bird – totally free, carefree
  8. as mad as a wet hen – angry
  9. as scarce as hens’ teeth – non-existent
  10. as the crow flies – in a straight line
  11. bird brain – an insult meaning stupid
  12. birds of a feather flock together – people who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other’s company
  13. birds-eye view – view from above
  14. chicken and egg situation – a situation where it is impossible to agree which of two connected things existed first
  15. chicken feed – a ridiculously small amount of money
  16. chicken-livered – cowardly
  17. chickens come home to roost – words or actions which have an unexpected consequence
  18. cock of the walk – a person who dominates within a group
  19. cock-and-bull story – a far-fetched and unlikely story
  20. dead duck – someone or something with little chance of success
  21. duck soup – a very easy task
  22. eagle eye – a close watch
  23. early bird – someone who arrives or begins early
  24. feather in one’s cap – an honour, an achievement to be proud of
  25. for the birds – not worthy of consideration
  26. gone goose – someone (or something) who (that) is beyond hope
  27. in fine feather – in good humour/form/health
  28. like a duck to water – quickly and easily, like a natural
  29. lovely weather for ducks – rainy weather
  30. neither fish nor foul – difficult to identify/categorise

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26 Feb 2018
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