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Spelling list: Animals, Insects

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Log in for sound ant
Log in for sound bee Bees make honey.
Log in for sound butterfly My mother said it was uncommon to see such a beautiful butterfly. *
Log in for sound centipede A centipede can have up to 300 legs!
Log in for sound cockroach There was a cockroach in the kitchen.
Log in for sound cricket Eleven players in a cricket team.
Log in for sound dragonfly
Log in for sound spider Many people have a phobia or fear of spiders.
Log in for sound scorpion
Log in for sound flea That dog is covered in fleas.
Log in for sound fly Birds fly high in the sky.
Log in for sound grasshopper
Log in for sound wasp Walter was stung by a wasp.
Log in for sound insect A tick is a small biting insect.
Log in for sound ladybug
Log in for sound louse
Log in for sound millipede
Log in for sound mite Dust mites can make you sneeze.
Log in for sound mosquito My Dad was bitten by a mosquito. *

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