Spelling list: Words ending in -dge

Thes words with a short vowel sound end in -dge . The d is there to keep the vowel sound short.

badge All club members can wear this badge.
cadge How did you manage to cadge a lift in a taxi?
edge There is a sheer drop at the cliff edge.
dredge Dredge the mud form the bottom of the river.
hedge This garden hedge grows very fast.
ledge The ledge was high up. *
sledge My children love to sledge in the snow.
wedge Put a wedge of lemon on the fish.
ridge You can see for miles from the mountain ridge.
dodge He had to dodge the ball quickly.
lodge The climbers found shelter in a lodge.
budge The door was stuck and wouldn't budge.
fudge Fudge is made from sugar, butter and milk.
grudge After our argument she still bears me a grudge.
judge The judge sent him to jail for a year.
nudge Nudge the cursor a bit more to the left.
smudge My printer is leaving a black smudge on each page.
trudge The tired walkers will trudge the last mile home.
cartridge The soldier had one cartridge left in his rifle.