Spelling list: Words ending in -ge

To spell the /j/ sound at the end of a word use ge.

cage We keep our rabbit in a cage.
rage She flew into a rage at the sight of the mess.
wage After six months in the job I will get a wage increase.
huge Disneyland is a huge theme park.
hinge Put some oil on the hinge to stop it squeaking.
plunge He was unsure whether to take the plunge. *
large Sam comes from a very large family.
merge Click here to merge the two cells.
forge A blacksmith works with metals in a forge.
gorge The Grand Canyon is a huge gorge.
range This shop stocks a great range of cheese.
change Can you change a $50 dollar bill?
strange Did you hear that strange noise?
bulge My stomach will bulge if I eat all that.
challenge I challenge you to a game of chess.
arrange Can we arrange a meeting?
exchange I would like to exchange this dress for a smaller one. *
revenge When his friend was attacked Robert wanted revenge.
orange Freshly squeezed orange juice tastes best.