Spelling list: Using ch to spell the /sh/ sound

One reason English spelling is so complicated is because often different spelling patterns are used to spell the same sound. This is because, throughout history, English has borrowed words from other languages from all over the world.

One of the languages that English is heavily influenced by is French. The words in this list are all of French origin and they use the letters ch to spell the sh sound. If you are unsure of what sh sounds like, you can click on the speaker icon next to each word to help you.

The spelling activities that come with this list will help you become confident at using the letter combination ch to spell the sh sound.

The chef cooked a fantastic meal.
Shall we serve the champagne?
The skiers have rented a chalet.
This washing machine is the latest model.
Would you care to look through our holiday brochure.
The skydiver released her parachute.
She put her trash down the chute.