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Spelling list: ou words - set 1

The sound /ou/ as in out is most often spelled with the letters ou. These are just a few of those words.

Log in for sound loud The baby gave a loud wail.
Log in for sound proud Dad was very proud when I won first prize.
Log in for sound shroud A shroud is cloth used to wrap a body.
Log in for sound noun A noun is a word that names someone or something. *
Log in for sound sour Lemons have a sour taste.
Log in for sound scour We will scour the county until we find this criminal.
Log in for sound scout The Scout troop camped in the woods.
Log in for sound shout You'll need to shout to make him hear.
Log in for sound spout The old jug has a chipped spout.
Log in for sound sprout The plants began to sprout leaves. *
Log in for sound stout The man was described as short and stout.
Log in for sound bound He's bound to want to come to the party.
Log in for sound found A large amount of drugs was found in the truck.
Log in for sound ground The earthquake made the ground shake.
Log in for sound hound The hounds followed the scent of the fox.
Log in for sound mound A mound is a small hill.
Log in for sound pound One British pound is worth more than one US dollar.
Log in for sound round To sail round the world is a great feat.
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