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Spelling list: ur words

These words use the letters ur to spell the sound /er/.

Learn about these words in unit 11. Spelling choices for /er/ sound: er, ir, ur, ear + wor

fur The bear has thick fur.
blur The words on the page were a blur.
slur An insult is a slur.
nurse Jane is training to be a nurse.
purse A thief seized my mother's purse.
purple Mix red and blue to get purple.
burst Don't burst that balloon.
burn Our new stove can burn wood or coal.
curl Her hair is a mass of blond curls.
hurl To hurl means to throw strongly.
surf We will surf the waves from that beach.
turf Turf is a slab of earth covered in grass.
church The bridegroom was late for church.
curve The racing car sped around the curve of the track.
return It's time for us to return home.
murder We watched a murder mystery on TV.
turnip The Scots eat turnip with haggis.
Thursday I went to the shop on Thursday. *
Saturday Jack goes swimming every Saturday.

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