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Spelling list: i-e words - set 1

Many words spell the long /i/ sound with the letters i-e. These are just a few of them.

Learn about these words in unit 7. Long vowels e.g ee, ea or y? oa, o-e, or ow? u-e, ue, or ew?

hide We can play hide and seek. *
wide The new road will have four wide lanes.
bride The bride's mother was in tears.
pile He put the clean washing in a pile.
crime The judge said it was a very bad crime.
time There's no time to waste.
fine Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
shine Polish those spoons until they shine.
spine There are 33 bones in your spine.
ripe Pick the apples when they are ripe.
stripe A zebra has black and white stripes.
rise I like to rise at six every morning.
wise It would be wise to consult an expert.
quite It's quite a long way to walk.
dive Only dive at the deep end of the pool.
fire The flames of the fire kept us warm.
wire The wire on the plug is loose.
kite Kite flying is popular in China.
file Click on the file to open it.
tribe In some old tribes the sun was an idol.

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