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Spelling list: Words ending in tion

Hundreds of words use tion to spell the sh'n sound. Here are just a few of them.

Log in for sound nation A treaty is an agreement between nations. *
Log in for sound operation Surgery is a medical operation.
Log in for sound relation Perspective is to see things in relation to other things. *
Log in for sound situation We need to assess this situation before we continue.
Log in for sound translation
Log in for sound imagination Do all novelists need a vivid imagination?
Log in for sound organisation
Log in for sound ambition His life ambition was to become a painter.
Log in for sound position He has an advisory position in a large company.
Log in for sound pollution Air pollution is bad in many cities.
Log in for sound revolution We are learning about the Industrial revolution. *
Log in for sound solution We made a solution in Science. *
Log in for sound attraction There was an obvious attraction between the couple.
Log in for sound affection He showed a great deal of affection to her.
Log in for sound correction He made a correction to his exam paper.
Log in for sound fiction Do you prefer to read fiction or information books? *
Log in for sound construction The tower was a unique construction.
Log in for sound introduction The introduction is a group of sentences at the beginning of a piece of writing, giving the reader an idea of what is to come. *
Log in for sound caution They approached the dog with caution.
Log in for sound option I perceive no other option.

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