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Spelling list: ar words: a starter list

Some short words with the ar spelling.

Learn about these words in unit 10. Spelling choices for /ar/ sound; ar, a

far We ate far too much last night.
jar The coffee jar is empty.
scar The injury left a scar.
star Jo is the star of the new TV comedy show.
hard English spelling is very hard.
yard Leave your bike in the yard.
bark The bark is coming off of this tree.
dark My son is afraid of the dark.
harm Too much sun can harm your skin.
charm Her friendly manner will charm you.
harp A harp is a large stringed musical instrument.
sharp That knife looks very sharp.
part The president took part in a TV debate.
start The film starts at 8 pm.
carve I'll ask Dad to carve the beef.
starve The refugees will starve if we don't send food.
arch The tourists stood beneath the arch.
march In the army they learn to march.
large Sam comes from a very large family.
barge He lived in a barge on the canal.

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