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Study the word list: Key Stage 3: English: exp - pla

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An expression is a list of terms added together or subtracted from each other. *
Figurative art' is often defined in contrast to abstract art. *
Genre is the different kinds of writing for a particular purpose; for example, thriller, romance, novel, poetry. *
It is important to use correct grammar within our work. *
Imagery is when words are used to create a picture in a reader's mind. *
Symbolism is an art style which uses mythology and metaphor to convey ideas. *
This year we're studying Greek myths.
The narrative tells the story of something that has happened in the correct order. *
A narrator speaks the words of a story. *
Onomatopoeia is when the sound of a word is the same as its meaning. *
The shop gave out a small pamphlet about its price cuts.
Several sentences make a paragraph.
Personification describes something non-human as if it is human. *
A playwright writes plays.

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