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Twenty Idioms about the House and Home

  1. a home truth – an uncomfortable truth that you don’t want to hear
  2. a house divided cannot stand – an organisation that is divided by internal disagreements will not be able to cope with external pressures
  3. home (away) from home – somewhere you are as comfortable as you are in your own home
  4. home comforts – the things that make you feel as comfortable as you would be at home
  5. home is where the heart is – a home is not a physical place, but where the people you love are
  6. on the house – free, at the management’s expense (usually in reference to a drink or meal at a restaurant or bar)
  7. safe as houses – very safe, totally safe
  8. close to home – nearing an embarrassing or uncomfortable truth (usually used to describe a remark)
  9. to bring something home to someone – to force someone to realise and accept the full significance of something
  10. to drive something home – to insist on or repeat a point until it is clearly understood
  11. to eat someone out of house and home – to eat a lot of food (usually when you are a guest at someone’s home)
  12. to feel homesick – to miss home
  13. to get on like a house on fire – to get on very well with someone
  14. to give house room to – to give space in your house to something or someone (usually used when declaring you would never give space to something or someone)
  15. to go all around the houses – to take an indirect, roundabout route to your destination
  16. to hit home – to hit/reach a target
  17. to home in on – to move closer towards a target
  18. to keep house – to carry out the tasks necessary for running a household (cooking, cleaning etc.)
  19. to make yourself at home – to make yourself comfortable
  20. to play house – to pretend to be a family (usually said of children playing)

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10 Nov 2015
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